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Monday, March 12th, 2012

Here is a list I have compiled of plants that hummingbirds love. Many of these are varieties that we carry at Grandiflora.

If you have any suggestions of additions to the list, please let me know.

Egyptian Star Clusters Pentas lanceolata     Annual
Foxglove     Digitalis spp.     Annual
Hollyhock   Alcaea rosea     Annual
Impatiens     Impatiens walleryana   Annual
Larkspur     Delphinium spp.     Annual
Monkey Flower   Mimulus spp.     Annual
Nasturtium   Tropaelum tuberosum   Annual
Standing Cypress   Ipomopsis rubra     Annual
Wild Sage   Salvia coccinea*     Annual
Zinnia     Zinnia spp.     Annual
Agave     Agave americana, etc.   Perennial
Geneva Bugleweed   Ajuga reptans     Perennial
Aloe     Aloe maculata, barbadensis, etc. Perennial
Aster     Aster spp.     Perennial
Autumn Sage   Salvia greggii*     Perennial
Bee Balm     Monarda didyma*     Perennial
Beschorneria   Beschorneria yuccoides   Perennial
Blazing Star   Liatris spicata*     Perennial
Blood Flower   Asclepias currasavica   Perennial
Butterfly Bush   Buddleia davidii and weyeriana   Perennial
Butterfly Gingers   Hedychium spp.     Perennial
Canna Lily   Cannas spp.     Perennial
Cape Honeysuckle   Tecomaria capensis     Perennial
Chinese Hibiscus   Hibiscus rosa-sinensis   Perennial
Cigar Plant   Cuphea micropetala     Perennial
Cigarette Plant   Cuphea ignea     Perennial
Columbine   Aquilegia canadensis*   Perennial
Coneflower   Echinacea spp.     Perennial
Coral Bean   Erythrina herbacea*     Perennial
Daylily     Hemerocallis spp.     Perennial
Dwarf Turk’s Cap   Malvaviscus drummondii   Perennial
Elegant Ruellia   Ruellia elegans     Perennial
Firebush     Hamelia patens     Perennial
Firecracker Plant   Russelia equisetiformis   Perennial
Firecracker Plant   Russelia sarmentosa     Perennial
Firespike     Odontonema cuspidatum   Perennial
Four O’Clocks   Mirabilis jalapa     Perennial
Fuchsia     Fuchsia spp.     Perennial
Golden Dewdrop   Duranta erecta     Perennial
Golden Shrimp Plant Pachystachys lutea     Perennial
Hosta     Hosta spp.     Perennial
Hummingbird Plant   Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii Perennial
Hummingbird Plant   Dicliptera suberecta     Perennial
Hummingbird Plant   Sinningia sellovii     Perennial
Hyssop     Agastache     Perennial
Indian Pink   Spigelia marylandica     Perennial
Iris     Iris spp.       Perennial
Lantana     Lantana camara     Perennial
Lily of the Nile   Agapanthus africanus   Perennial
Lion’s Head   Leonotis leonurus     Perennial
Lobelia     Lobelia cardinalis*     Perennial
Mexican Sage   Salvia leucantha     Perennial
Mexican Sunflower   Tithonia diversifolia and rotundifolia Perennial
Montbretia   Crocosmia spp.     Perennial
Night-blooming Jasmine Cestrum nocturnum     Perennial
Obedient Plant   Physostegia     Perennial
Orange Jacobinia   Justicia spicigera     Perennial
Pagoda Plant   Clerodendrum spp.     Perennial
Parlor Maple   Abutilon spp.     Perennial
Penstemon   Penstemon spp.     Perennial
Peruvian Lily   Alstroemeria psitticina   Perennial
Phlox     Phlox spp.     Perennial
Pineapple Sage   Salvia elegans     Perennial
Red Hot Poker   Kniphofia uvaria     Perennial
Red Yucca   Hesperaloe parviflora   Perennial
Sapphire Sage   Salvia guaranitica     Perennial
Shrimp Plant   Justicia brandegeana   Perennial
Sky Flower   Iochroma cyaneum     Perennial
Soapwort   Saponaria officinalis     Perennial
Swamp Mallow   Hibiscus coccineus*     Perennial
Turk’s Cap   Malvaviscus arboreus   Perennial
Verbena     Verbena spp.     Perennial
Yellow Bells   Tecoma stans     Perennial
Abelia     Abelia grandiflora     Shrub
Althaea     Hibiscus syriacus     Shrub
Azaleas     Rhododendron spp.     Shrub
Bottlebrush   Callistemon viminalis   Shrub
Buttonbush   Cephalanthus occidentalis*   Shrub
Cardinal Shrub   Weigela florida     Shrub
Coral Tree   Erythrina bidwillii     Shrub
Flowering Quince   Chaenomeles japonica   Shrub
Oleander     Nerium oleander     Shrub
Sasanqua Camellia   Camellia sasanqua     Shrub
Texas Sage   Leucophyllum frutescens   Shrub
Wolfberry   Lycium carolinianum*   Shrub
Citrus     Citrus spp.     Tree
Flowering Crabapple Malus baccata     Tree
Horse Chestnut or Buckeye Aesculus pavia*     Tree
Loquat     Eriobotrya japonica     Tree
Mimosa     Albizzia julibrissin     Tree
Pomegranite   Punica granatum     Tree
Bird of Paradise   Strelitzia reginae     Tropical
Coral Plant   Jatropha spp.     Tropical
Ixora     Ixora spp.      Tropical
Powder Puff   Calliandra spp.      Tropical
Cardinal Climber   Ipomoea multifida     Vine
Cross Vine   Bignonia capreolata*   Vine
Firecracker Vine   Manettia cordifolia     Vine
Firecracker Vine   Manettia inflata     Vine
Mandevilla   Mandevilla spp.     Vine
Mexican Flame Vine Senecio confusus     Vine
Red Honeysuckle   Lonicera sempervirens*   Vine
Red Trumpet Vine   Campsis radicans*     Vine
*Native Plants of the Southeastern US      

Grandiflora is now on Facebook

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Attention all plant nuts, geeks and nerds -you can now find Grandiflora on Facebook!

So new, this Gaillardia 8-2009 has no name, only a number

 We will be using the site to post hundreds of plant photos and to keep our “fans” informed about our trade show, seminar and travel experiences. For instance, just recently Grandiflora exhibited at the Southeastern Color Connection in Greenville SC. On the way home, Pat and I stopped at the University of Georgia to look at Dr. Allan Armitage’s famous trial garden and to see what was performing well. When we got home, we uploaded many of the plant pictures to Grandiflora’s Facebook site. Go there for a sneak peek at the up-and-coming varieties that will be next year’s hot items.

Drift Roses

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009
Red Drift Rose flower cluster

Red Drift Rose flower cluster

If you liked Knockouts, but were looking for something that stays more compact and lower-growing, you’ll love Drift Roses.

Rarely growing over 2′ tall, Drifts will spread 2-3′ across, constantly blooming on the new growth with numerous clusters of small flowers in red, coral, peach, or pink. These are tough, vigorous, disease-resistant plants that need no dead-heading or other special care. Of course, like all roses they will do best in full sun with good air circulation, but Drifts will also tolerate less than a full day’s sun and even a partially shaded environment. Expect shaded plants to be much lankier and not bloom as heavily.

Trimming plants can be done with hand pruners or even hedge shears. No need to worry about cutting above an outward-facing five or seven-leaflet. Just prune to shape, and flower buds will quickly re-appear on the tips of the new growth.