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Grandiflora is now on Facebook

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Attention all plant nuts, geeks and nerds -you can now find Grandiflora on Facebook!

So new, this Gaillardia 8-2009 has no name, only a number

 We will be using the site to post hundreds of plant photos and to keep our “fans” informed about our trade show, seminar and travel experiences. For instance, just recently Grandiflora exhibited at the Southeastern Color Connection in Greenville SC. On the way home, Pat and I stopped at the University of Georgia to look at Dr. Allan Armitage’s famous trial garden and to see what was performing well. When we got home, we uploaded many of the plant pictures to Grandiflora’s Facebook site. Go there for a sneak peek at the up-and-coming varieties that will be next year’s hot items.