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Friday, April 6th, 2012

I don’t remember a spring like this in a long time – started early with a very mild winter, has stayed cool, and we even had some soaking rains! For the last decade, seems like every spring has been droughty, and warm weather set in long before May. People are loving it, getting outside and enjoying nature and outdoor sports like kayaking and hiking. The plants are loving it too. We’re getting luxurious growth on all our crops, they’re finishing quicker, and product is flying out of the nursery.

John Q. Public seems ready to spend money on plants and landscaping again. The drought of confidence in the economy seems to be over.

When we were in the depths of the recession, people put off replacing their old cars or moving into new houses or buying themselves unnecessary extravagances (like plants). We did okay selling edibles, because folks thought they’d save money if they could grow their own food. Atavistic survival instinct kicking in?

The car died and had to be replaced. The refrigerator kicked the bucket and you were forced to buy a new one. Now your garden’s a mess, and you need new plants. After paying for all the things you had to spend money on, is there anything left to pretty up your yard with.

Let’s hope so.